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At Rendegade Athletics here in the heart of Tulare California, we care about the things that matter. Things like people, making fitness fun, seeing results, helping people get stronger and cheering each other on. We’re easy to find and more easy to connect with!

My strength is more than it has ever been, my activity level surpasses any point in my adult life!

My joint pain is greatly reduced, and my general quality of life has improved exponentially. I have gotten to know a group of people who are amazingly supportive of each other.

Gib Moorehead | 2 Year Member

I am now 20 pounds under my high school weight

Ive done a lot of different sports — triathlon, running, swimming — but nothing like this. The workouts are short and intense. I was always looking for weight loss or at least [weight] control. I am now 20 pounds under my high school weight.

Jerry | 4 Year Member

Renegade Athletics Perks

Our workouts are designed with our athletes in mind. Our classes are run with your goals as the guidelines for every decision we make. Everyday people working hard on their goals together as a community is what you will find her at Renegade Athletics. The workouts and classes you will participate in reflect this, geared towards increasing quality of life for every person who visits our gym.

Renegade Athletics is primarily a strength and conditioning program designed for the everyday athlete in increase fitness not for elite completion but for an elite lifestyle. Your coaches have spent years studying exercise science and even more years practicing its application to our athletes.

The science is in the explanation, the art is in the programming, the magic is in the movements but the fun … the fun is in the community. – coach Glassman

Success is almost never achieved by individuals in isolation, every great success is the result of a community of support behind the individual. This is true for fitness goals as well, if you go it alone your chances of success diminish greatly, but with a coach and a community behind you there will be nothing that can stand in your way. This is exactly what you get at Renegade Athletics, the community you will find here is supportive, friendly, knowledgable and welcoming. every person is supported by all the others to ensure that you can reach your goals.

At Renegade Athletics your coaches have made your goals our own. Our passion is your progress. We exist for the progress of our members. The reason we do what we do is to make our members life better. When you become a member of Renegade Athletics your coaches will make it their mission to help you achieve your goals. The support you receive is the result of an insane amount of passion for the betterment of others found in each of your coaches and the community of members.


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