Month: October 2017

Straight Talk On The Diet Maintenance Phase

The diet maintenance phase is important because it establishes a new set point for body weight and body composition. 8 weeks, in my opinion, is the minimum time frame to substantially lower body fat levels. This means that 8 weeks is the earliest we want to start thinking about ending the diet and starting the …
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Understanding the Basics of Macros

Understanding the basics of macros while going through nutrition coaching is important. Even if you aren’t going through nutrition coaching or just interested in the process. Understanding how your body reacts to macros will help give an understanding to why coaches make certain decisions. Order of Importance in Body Composition Total caloric balance: create a …
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Diet Mistakes: The Carb Conundrum

Are you making this common diet mistake? When it comes to nutrition there is no greater debate than the role of carbohydrates in weight loss. Carbs are seen as the sol reason for excess weight game but at the same time they are praised as a sure fire way to increase performance. The Usual Diet …
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