Month: February 2018

The Secret

There is a poorly kept secret in CrossFit. It is poorly kept because because this secret is shouted from the roof tops by myself and other good coaches. It remains a secret however because most people refuse to acknowledge it. The single best way to improve performance in CrossFit ( or anything for that matter …
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We are doing something right

Life is all about choices, and we make choices based on our priorities. We are, not who we say we are, but rather we are what we do.You can tell me that your health and fitness is a priority, you can let others know how hardcore you are because you have a CrossFit membership, you can buy the shirts with the catchy slogan that lets every one know that their work out is your warm up. Unless you show up, work hard, eat right , recover well. Unless you put in the hours and make the sacrifices it doesn’t really matter how bad you say you want it.