Trying to figure what to do when eating out on a diet? It always feels like right when you go on a diet everyone wants to invite you out to eat more. Don’t let your diet stop you! Here are some of my top tips to help keep you on your diet but let you enjoy going out.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

This one may seem obvious when eating out on a diet but stay away from soda, sweet tea or alcohol. Choose calorie free options such as water (bonus its usually free) or diet beverages. While this seems pretty straight forward, many people make this simple mistake when going out saving your calories for actual food will help you stick to your plan.

Check the Menu Before Leaving Your House

I always tell people to check the menu before they leave the house. Decide what you are going to eat and then when you get there order EXACTLY what you want. It’s important to tell the server exactly what you need. Don’t be afraid to go slightly off menu when asking for what you need. Feel free to ask for specific preparations for your food. Stick to baking, roasting, or grilling, also be sure to ask for the chef to skip the butter, sauce or oil that foods are cooked in to help you stay on track

Make sure to skip the free offering. Chips and bread are after placed on the table right at the start of the meal. Filling up on these things will cost you calories. Nibbling on these offerings is easy but add up fast, so be sure to inform the server that you wont be needing any of these and they do not need to bring them to the table.

Eat Your Food In This Order

Focus on consuming your protein and veggies before your carbs. By focusing on this it will help prevent you overindulging in the creamy sugary desserts later, simply because you are already full. Chances are your fat is already present in your steak or in your vinaigrette but if you happen to have some healthy fats like avocado slices then eat that along with your veggies to enhance satiety.

Portion Control

Portion sizes in restaurants seem to be getting bigger all the time. While this is great for getting more bang for your buck it is terrible for your waistline. A great simple strategy is to ask for your meal to come with a to-go-box so you can package the unneeded portions up before you start eating.

All of these tips will help keep you on path with your weight loss goals but it can still be challenging. If you would like some more advice or help go ahead comment bellow or email us!

By Mike White


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