“I just have bad fitness genes”. I hear this a lot at the gym, and frankly, I get it. Coming from a family with a history of diabetes, heart disease lung disease and mental illness I understand the plight of those not blessed with the fitness gene.

About Your Genes

Fortunately, your genetics are not the sole determinant of your health or fitness. If you think of your Genes are like light switches they can either be “on” or “off” then its more complicated than that.  Depending on your genetic heritage you may have genes that predispose you to many different things either good, or bad.

Behavior Activates or Deactivates Genes

But here is the great news. Even if you come from a genetic pool that predisposes you to alcoholism if you don’t drink those genes wont express. Similarly, if you come from a genetic pool that predisposes you to heart disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but you eat healthy, exercise regularly, and generally lead an active life you are far less likely to develop those problem. Fitness is not only about the Aesthetics and while you may not have the genetics for a 10-pack and <10% body fat, the truth is that no matter what your genetics are exercise and a healthy diet are guaranteed to improve your health.

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By Mike White


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