There is a poorly kept secret in CrossFit.

It is poorly kept because because this secret is shouted from the roof tops by myself and other good coaches. It remains a secret however because most people refuse to acknowledge it. The single best way to improve performance in CrossFit ( or anything for that matter ) is to attack your weaknesses with a vengeance.

This doesn’t mean a couple reps here or there. It means coming in every day and spending 30 min to an hour doing drills, Mobility work. accessory exercises.

Waiting for your weakness come up in a Met Con, and then having to do a scaled version is the perfect recipe for stagnation. And as far as I am concerned if you are not getting stronger ( better) then you are getting weaker ( worse).

So what is it that you need to work on?

What are the things you want to avoid when they show up in the WoD?

What do you need to do to make yourself better?

Our Skill Clinics and open gym hours are the perfect opportunities for you guys to improve yourselves and focus on the things you need to get better at.

The truth is that no matter how awesome the program it is the coaching that makes us better.

Coming in and doing mindless work doesn’t really help all that much. Coming in and getting help from a coach however can lead to dramatic increases in performance. A coach will tell us what we don’t want to hear. A coach will make us do what we don’t like doing, a coach will hold us accountable. Very few of us have the ability to do these things on our own.

Ask for help and you will get it is. Sign up for the specialty clinic, book a skill session with a coach, if you are serious about pursuing progress then its time to put in the work.


If you are serious about reaching your goals and seeing results, these guidelines will help you do just that. And what's best is that... it's FREE!

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